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multiwatt® Energiesysteme GmbH – Photovoltaic wholesale in Rostock, Germany since 2011

multiwatt® serves as photovoltaic whole since 2011 in Rostock globally. We are your Photovoltaic wholesale for planning and delivering energy systems – we reduce your energy costs through solar energy and efficient energy concepts. On this website you are welcome to inform yourself about our wide range of services in the field of the renewable energies. We do not just deliver single components or complete systemes we as well considerably advise and plan yout tailored energy concept. Furthermore you receive a realistic profitability forecast with the income expected confronted with the investment costs to ensure your long-term viability.
  • We plan photovoltaic systems with high-quality solarmodules, mounting systems, cables and other photovoltaic accessoiries.
  • We as well offer in addition to a pv systems our own developed battery system for your own independence from energy suppliers.
  • Far from the public grid we enable an autarkic energy supply with our sophisticated Off-Grid concepts for garden and camping.

The photovoltaik wholesale multiwatt® is independent of manufacturer and always endeavoured to offer you the highest quality components.

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https://multiwatt.de/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/multiwatt-Wirtschaftsgebaeude-Baustelle-Boden-fertig-Halle-eingemessen.jpg; Baubeginn multiwatt® Wirtschaftsgebäude; https://multiwatt.de/multiwatt-neues-wirtschaftsgebaeude-baubeginn-am-01-09-2014/
https://multiwatt.de/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/Inter-Solar-2014-Muenchen.jpg; InterSolar 2014 in München; https://multiwatt.de/inter-solar-2014-in-muenchen-impressionen-mit-video/
https://multiwatt.de/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/multiwatt-gewinnt-Energy-Award-2013-slide.jpg; multiwatt® gewinnt Energy Award 2013; https://multiwatt.de/energy-award-2013-multiwatt-energiesysteme-gmbh/

Photovoltaic self-conumption – Our service

[icon_box title=”Energy Storage” url=”https://multiwatt.de/photovoltaik-energiespeicher/” caption=”Use your own solar energy. Thanks to our energy storage you can store your solar energy and distribute the energy intelligently to the single consumer in you house.” icon=”battery-4″ color=”yellow” size=”medium”][/icon_box]
[icon_box title=”Photovoltaics” url=”https://multiwatt.de/photovoltaik-energiespeicher/” caption=”We bring you photovoltaic plant on your roof. From planning to installation. Whether pitched roof, flat roof or industrial roof.” icon=”sun” color=”yellow” size=”medium”][/icon_box]
[icon_box title=”Planning & building services” url=”https://multiwatt.de/planung-haustechnik/” caption=”We take care of the planning of your house. Whether wasterwater planning, water planning or cord plan as well asheating load calculation, construct heating pumps and plans for floor heating systems.” icon=”calculator” color=”yellow” size=”medium”][/icon_box]

multiwatt® Photovoltaic wholesale – Imagefilm

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