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Energy Award 2013

The Energy Award is presented since 2013 once a year by the Energy Academy Experts. The experts are part of all industry sector that deal with renewable energies: architects, journalists, professors, construction engineer, politician, energy-trader etc.

The Project

The multiwatt® Energiesysteme GmbH received the Energy Award 2013 within the framework of the pilot project M1 energy-plus masonry house.

The European Union has set ambitious targets to ensure that by 2020 at the latest, all newbuilds generate more energy than they consume. Our project team has risen to this challenge and designed the M1 energy-plus masonry house.

A modern, affordable energy-plus house of solid masonry construction – that’s the best way to describe the M1 pilot project which was built in Brieselang near Berlin at the end of 2012. The concept, intelligently combining building services technology, building materials and architectural design, was developed over a three-year period by a team of specialists. This approach has made it possible to create a house that can be operated and built in an efficient and sustainable manner. Every component of the house has to meet these criteria and is now being field-tested in the research phase.

An energy-plus house doesn’t just have to save energy, it also has to produce it in order to create a genuine surplus. For this reason the house needs efficient technical building equipment which not only generates energy, but ideally stores it as well, thereby reducing grid-dependence. The primary focus of the M1 concept is to provide enough energy for self-consumption, with grid feed-in being of only secondary importance. With this in mind, the technical building equipment used in the M1 project was carefully selected for efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Functionality of power engineering

Marcus Fahrenkrug, managing director multiwatt®, explains the functionality of the power engineering (in German).