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You are able to combine the multiwatt.Energiespeichersystem (energy storage system) with different solar modules from different manufacturers. At this point we will give you an overview of all solar modules that we are able to deliver right now. Every single module has it’s special advantages depending on use. Either you want to use you photovoltaic system private or commercial or you have a flat roof or trapeziodal roof. For every case there is a suitbal solution.

[link href=”#nau” type=”link”]Flat collectors by NAU[/link]
[link href=”#hissolar” type=”link”]Solar cable by HIS Solar[/link]
[link href=”#algatec” type=”link”]Solarmodule by Algatec[/link]
[link href=”#bosch” type=”link”]Solarmodule by Bosch[/link]
[link href=”#conergy” type=”link”]Solarmodule by Conergy[/link]
[link href=”#qcells” type=”link”]Solarmodule by Q-Cells[/link]
[link href=”#sunset” type=”link”]Solarmodule by Sunset[/link]
[link href=”#sharp” type=”link”]Solarmodule by Sharp[/link]
[link href=”#solarfabrik” type=”link”]Solarmodule by Solarfabrik[/link]


Flat collector by NAU


Solar cable by HIS Solar


Solarmodule by Algatec


Solarmodule by Bosch


Solarmodule by Conergy


Solarmodule by Q-Cells


Solarmodule by Sunset


Solarmodule by Sharp


Solarmodule by Solarfabrik