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The Photovoltaic Kit

The Photovoltaic Kit

CIGS high-effieciency solar module (data sheet)

  • Advanced proprietary CIGS thin-film technology
  • Plus sorting at +5 W to -0 W
  • Up to 3% additional energy yield due to light soaking effect
  • Low temperature coefficient provides energy yield benefits
  • Aesthetically appealing all-black appearance
  • Framed module designed for easy use with industry- standard mounting systems
  • Etched, unchangeable serial numbers for full traceability of each module
  • Module recycling available in EU / EFTA countries
  • Dual glass module enhance module durability and prevent micro-cracks
  • Free of potential induced degradation (PID) effects
  • Certified for harsh environments: Salt Mist Corrosion (IEC 61701), Blowing Sand Resistant (DIN EN 60068-2-68) and Ammonia Corrosion Test (IEC 62716)
  • UL, IEC and MCS certified
  • Rated for snow and wind loads up to 2,400 Pa
  • Manufactured at an ISO 9001: 2008, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certified facility
  • Product warranty: 10 years for material and workmanship
  • Power output warranty: 90% at 10 years and 80% at 25 years of minimum rated power output

SMA Inverter


  • Not included in the kit. But also available.

multiwatt® Photovoltaik Kits 2015

multiwatt® Photovoltaic Kits 2015

Following system sizes are available within the Photovoltaic Kits:

[table style=“undefined“ align=“undefined“]
[th align=“]Power[/th]
[th align=“]Modules[/th]
[th align=“]Inverter[/th]

[th align=“]3 kW[/th]
[td align=“]20 pieces TSMC 150 W C2 modules[/td]
[td align=“]1 inverter SMA SB 3.000 TL 21[/td]

[th align=“]6 kW[/th]
[td align=“]40 pieces TSMC 150 W C2 modules[/td]
[td align=“]1 inverter SMA TP 6.000 TL 20[/td]

[th align=“]9 kW[/th]
[td align=“]60 pieces TSMC 150 W C2 modules[/td]
[td align=“]1 inverter SMA TP 9.000 TL 20[/td]