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W We offer building owners, housebuilding companies, architects and building society an individual building service concept. We offer the consulting service for the building services and the creation of an energy concept.

Our planning service comprise:

[list color=”yellow” type=”checkmark-dark”] [li]Wastewater planning[/li] [li]Water planning[/li] [li]Cord planning[/li] [li]Heating load calculation[/li] [li]Heat pump dimensioning[/li] [li]Floor heating installation plan[/li] [li]Building inspection[/li] [li]Audit plans[/li] [li]Energy concepts[/li] [/list]

Examples for water-, wastewater- and cord plans

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Thermia heat pump for reducing the heating costs

Thanks to the well-engineered technik of Thermia heat pumps it is possible to provide the energy for your heaters up to ca. 75% geothermal energy and solar energy, but just up to 25% out of electrical energy. The energy stored in the air, in the ground, in the sea or the groundwater gets collected and by the help of heat pumps it is being made utilisable for the heaters and the hot-water production. The functionality is comparable to one of a fridge which extracts the heat of food and emits it outside. Multitherm offers different systems of the swedisch producer Thermia which fit to your individual claims. According to your requiremenrs we install a:

  • air-to-water heat pump or
  • brine-to-water heat pump.

We would like to advise you about the versatile field of application of the different Thermia heat pumps.

Spiral collectors für using geothermal energy

Hwat pumps are especially effective in cobination with geothermal energy systems. Sprial collectors are being drilled in the ground whereby the there available heat energy is made accessible. Alternatively Thermia heat pumps can be connected to a ground collector which is 1,20 meters deep in the ground. It will use the heat energy through solar radiation.
A third possibility is the contribution of one or more borehole of a depth of 100 meters a maximum.

Thermia heat pumps instead of air conditioner

Compared to convetional heating installation Thermia heat pumps (Thermia comfort or heat pump with add-on module) have the advantage that not only function in one direction. While you can be glad having a warm house in winter because of your geothermal energy system, your heat pump can arrange low temperatures in summer. Via the spiral collectors or ground collectors the aggregated heat is being emitted to the noticeable colder ground through your heating system.

Termia heat pumps and multiwatt battery hybrid system

Thermia heat pumps and multiwatt hybrid system combine an unique and ecologic electrical power supply for an family home or multi-family house. The combination of a heat pump with a photovoltaic installation and our technology for storing energy reduces the supply costs notably. Gladly we give you advice and create an energy concept which fits your requirements.