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Our energy manager monitors the electricity, which comes from the photovoltaic system and charges automatically the batteries.

Produce energy, store energy. We have the solution!

As of now we deliver our newest energy-storage-solution. The multiwatt energy storage can store up to 48 kWh energy. Our energy manager monitors the energy that comes from a photovoltaic installation and inducts automatically the batteries. To not use the expensive energy of the energy provider, the excess energy gets delivered to the consumer load of the house. In case the photovoltaic installation can’t provide enough energy (e.g. at night) the energy manager switches automatically to the batteries for electrical power supply to the consumer load and supplies them with stored solar energy. As an extra gimmick our energy system supplies the consumer loads at blackout. With that energy storage system and our energy manager the own consumption can be increased by gotten solar energy and the costs can be reduced.

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You would like to know how much you can produce with your photovoltaic installation? Simply use our data sheet and arrange an meeting. In advance you can inform yourself about the Renewable Energies Act here. We offer you an ready to use solution – “photovoltaics out of one hand”. Planning, consulting service, financing and installtion is completely coordinated by us.

We offer solution for flat roofes, refurbishment, tiled roof, trapezoidal sheet metal roof and so on. As a system partner of Q.Cells SE we are able to deliver fast and cost-saving cristalline and thin film modules. And as well we command great contingents of Q.PRO, Q.BASE, Q.PEAK and Q.SMART modules to deliver from stock in Rostock (Germany) and Bitterfeld (Germany). In the download area you can find the actuall data sheets.

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Electricity rate development in Germany

The principle

Through the photovoltaic oder wind energy installation the energy is getting conducted directly to the lead consumer. Excess energy conduces to load the batteries. In case there is a little or none regenerative energy source (sun or wind) available to supply the house with energy the energy system automatically provides the energy stored in the batteries. So there is a high part of own produced energy that is used and that lowers the energy costs a lot. The energy storage system is monitored and connected by the multiwatt control cabinet. The charging of the batteries happens automatically.

For your exhibtion or trade fair we deliver our energy wall. You can simulate a complete energy strage system with it. The energy wall consits of:

  • Switch wall with stand-alone inverter, charging regulator and multiwatt energie control cabinet
  • 48 volt battery set
  • Sample wall with house service connection and SMA inverter
  • Sample wall for simulation consumer load, connection facility via socket (e.g. coffee machine)